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Published on February 08, 2018
Second year Animation group project. This film started production in October 2017, and is created by Skye Edwards (me), Aba Oppey, Anastasia Bennett, Rachael Baidoo and Camilla Kial.

The story is based on the African myth of Anansi the trickster God. Aba came up with the pitch and as a group we shaped the story into what you see here. The whole film was a collaborative effort and no one person did a sole job. Unfortunately due to time constraints and deadlines the film was not polished as much as we wanted it to be, however I think that despite this it came out well.

I will be uploading a contribution/breakdown reel as well, however for those interested, I worked on:

The animation, clean up and background at 0:00
The animation and clean up at 0:08
The sky background at 0:19
The animation and clean up at 0:40
The cloth animation and clean up at 0:44
The clean up at 1:10
The animation and clean up at 1:19
The keyframing at 1:20
The animation and clean up at 1:22
The keyframing at 1:25
The animation and clean up at 1:28
The animation and clean up at 1:36
The animation and clean up at 1:44
The clean up at 1:48
The clean up at 1:50

I also did all of the editing and sound arrangement for the film.

Meet Bolt - John Powell
And I Will Kiss - Underworld
Flying - James Newton Howard
Ticket to Write - Michael Giacchino

Created using multiple techniques and programs:
Adobe Animate
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Toon Boom Harmony
Vegas Pro 14
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